During the 2017 First Steamworks Competition, we won our first regular season event at the Tippecanoe District Event! At the end of our first day of competition, we ended up being seeded very close to last place due to our performance. We knew to win, we would need to have an impeccable second day of competition, and we did! After an amazing day of competing, we were selected into the playoffs and we won!  This was a huge achievement for our team. 
    Since we did so well in our regular season events, our ranking was good enough to get us invited to, and be one of the top teams in the state competition. In the state competition we had lots of success although we placed second after giving a hard fight in the final round. Even though we did not win, we were still invited to play in the FIRST World Championship in St. Louis. This was a huge honor and the greatest experience our team has ever had!