Early History: In late 2012 after the Power Pirates finished their FLL competition season, Sam Geckler and David Stroh, mentors on the team, discuss the evolution of FIRST programming in Columbus, Indiana. The conversation boiled down to a decision to expand FIRST by either starting a FIRST Tech Challenge team at the middle school level or jumping in to form a FIRST Robotics Competition Team. The decision is easy, and a pact is formed to start an FRC team. By January of 2013, the pair decide to spend the year preparing to compete in the 2014 FRC competition.

A call-out meeting was held in the cafeteria of Columbus North High School in May of 2013. Team 4926 holds its first official meeting in early June with two students in attendance: Mackenzie Geckler and Mitchell Miller. Additionally, the team holds an information session in the Red Room of the Bartholomew County Library. John Antilla brings a demonstration robot built by Metal and Soul from Michigan to illustrate the types of robots built for the FRC. In July 2013, the new team has 5-10 students and 5 adult mentors meeting weekly to build a demonstration robot for the 2013 FRC game Ultimate Ascent.