Columbus Robotics is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to growing FIRST robotics programs in Columbus Indiana.  Founded by Sam Geckler in 2014 as the Columbus, Indiana based teams affiliated with Indiana FIRST.

Our mission is to guide students to excel in STEM careers, while having the hardest fun they will every have.

We meet at the Reeves building - 675 Reeves Way, Columbus, IN 47201.  Look for the Galactech sign on the middle double-doors along 7th St.

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Early History: In late 2012 after the Power Pirates finished their FLL competition season, Sam Geckler and David Stroh, mentors on the team, discuss the evolution of FIRST programming in Columbus, Indiana. The conversation boiled down to a decision to expand FIRST by either starting a FIRST Tech Challenge team at the middle school level or jumping in to form a FIRST Robotics Competition Team. The decision is easy, and a pact is formed to start an FRC team. By January of 2013, the pair decide to spend the year preparing to compete in the 2014 FRC competition.

A call-out meeting was held in the cafeteria of Columbus North High School in May of 2013. Team 4926 holds its first official meeting in early June with two students in attendance: Mackenzie Geckler and Mitchell Miller. Additionally, the team holds an information session in the Red Room of the Bartholomew County Library. John Antilla brings a demonstration robot built by Metal and Soul from Michigan to illustrate the types of robots built for the FRC. In July 2013, the new team has 5-10 students and 5 adult mentors meeting weekly to build a demonstration robot for the 2013 FRC game Ultimate Ascent.


The team works at the Columbus Robotics Headquarters in the Reeves Center, 675 Reeves Way.  We owe a great debt of gratitude to our team sponsor Cline, King and King for the in-kind donation of the space.


Any high school student enrolled full-time in one of the Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation schools, those who are registered C4 students, or home-schooled students residing in Columbus. To be eligible team members must agree to uphold the high expectations Team 4926 has of its members. For the Team to be successful, every team member must do their share. The basic requirements include academic requirements, participation requirements, and behavioral expectations. Failing to meet expectations on for either may result in dismissal from the Team. Part of the application process includes submission of a signed student and parental commitment to follow this Code.

Academic Requirements:

Students must maintain a “C” average in their classes and may not fail any of their classes if they are to participate in the Team. Students who are having difficulty with any of their classes should see a teacher mentor so that tutoring can be arranged to prevent any grade from dropping below a “C”.

To be eligible for attending FIRST competitions the following participation is required:

  • Team members must actively participate during the build season, at competitions, and at community service events.
  • Team members must follow directions and work diligently to learn the skills of their group and to complete the tasks assigned to them.
    When tasks are completed, team members should seek new ones.
  • Member and Parent participation is required for community service. Members are expected to do something to grow the reach of STEM education in the community.
  • Team members and their parents must participate in a Team fundraising event to be announced and completed in the fall; this may involve visiting potential sponsors or other appropriate methods.
  • Team members must be present at and actively participate in a minimum of 80% of build season activities (as defined by the supervising mentor of the group).
  • Attendance and performance reports will be noted at all meetings and events. If you are going to miss a meeting, you must contact your supervising group mentor or Attendance Leader to explain the absence. The absence will still reduce your participation rate, but notifying the Team indicates your respect and support of your professional mentors.


FRC Team 4926 strives to provide members with the opportunity to become part of an international event and make many new friends around the world.
Participation in the FRC 4926 team will provide opportunities to:

  • Learn and develop marketable skills such as mechanical, electrical, and software technologies as well as program planning, practical problem solving.
  • Learn and practice teamwork skills that will be beneficial in many aspects of life.
  • Develop an understanding of how functions in a company work together to accomplish a mission.
  • Be eligible for numerous scholarships.
  • Have amazing opportunities to network with experienced mentors, judges, industry sponsors, and other members on the team and around the world.

The skills which team members can achieve are in high demand by both colleges and businesses. The exposure is intended to give members a foot in the door when they apply to one of the many businesses that recognize the achievements of FIRST. These businesses include General Motors, BAE Systems, FedEx, Johnson & Johnson, Motorola, NASA, National Instruments, PTC, Rockwell Automation, Time Warner, Boston Scientific, Baxter, Chrysler, Delphi, Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers, Xerox and many more.